Why I Use AWeber As My Autoresponder Of Choice

Doing online business, there's something you need like you need oxygen to breathe. And this is an email autoresponder.

An autoresponder basically is an email programme which comes as the data base of all of your subscribers and delivers your emails out to them.

It goes without saying that moden autoresponders can do a whole lot more than this. AWeber surely is at the edge of technology and forefront of innovation.


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It may seem totally obvious that everybody is in need of a reliable and good autoresponder service or programme. Every successful online marketer is using one of the providers on the market place. But almost nobody seems to talk about this.

According to my experience, you don't really think of this until something bad happens.

When I started out I took some time to choose. Eventually, I chose a provider recommended by one of my two mentors. I really liked it - until something very bad happened: my emails got delivered in the spam folder and weren't read but deleted. And this during my first major solo ad campaign. You can probably imagine how bad I felt. Half of the traffic had already been sent. My solo ad vendor adviced me to use AWeber instead. So I immediately changed services.

To this day, I've never regreted it for a second.

What Is AWeber?

AWeber helps you build your own major asset as an online entrepreneur: your email list(s).
The way AWeber is set up has this one main focus in mind: It's all about helping you build subscriber and customer lists and mangae them easily.

If you have no prior experience, they got you covered with free courses on what to do as first steps to powerfully build your email business. They also offer free courses on how to scale up using their system.

You can test drive their autoresponder for a 30 day FREE trial period with no exceptions as if you were a paying customer.

I did this when I changed services to AWeber. By the way, they've made it easy to do so getting all of my lists and subscribers over to them.

With AWeber you'll be equiped with a very powerful autoresponder system to rapidly build your major asset which will always scale up at your pace.

About The Creator

TOM KULZER has started AWeber at the age of 21 coming from a small business company. He wanted to automate processes and make the whole internet and email experience a whole lot more fun for his customers and users.

With this idea in mind, AWeber was founded back in August of 1998. Since then, the company has grown to serve more than 150K satisfied customers.

Tom Kulzer has also built a new way of internal company behaviour with the core values he established — 1) Create remarkable experiences, 2) Execute with passion, 3) Foster respect and cooperation, 4) Listen to what people say about AWeber and invite feedback, 5) Learn, educate and innovate and 6) Don't take themselves to seriously, have fun.

Features & Benefits Of Easy Profit Lists

Created To Be Applicable By Everyone

AWeber is an easy to use email marketing platform with one main focus in mind: your subscribers and customers.

Your Benefit: You can rapidly understand how it's set up and use it efffectively.

The Free Courses

If you're brand new to online business, you need to know the basics of email marketing and what's helping you right away using an autoresponder. AWeber does a great job in offering top notch courses for free; they come two-fold as short video courses and action step sheets. You should sign up for them right away.

Your Benefit: You can learn and apply in the first week how to set up a simple success system online.

Changing Services Made Easy

When you decide to use AWeber, they take you by the hand and you'll be setting up step by step your personal account with them.

Your Benefit: You can start with no prior experience, be all set in a couple of minutes and will understand what you're doing.

FREE Trial

To make it totally riskfree for you, you can test drive their service for 30 days completely for free.

Your Benefit: You can generate your first money online before you'll be charged.

Design & Features

First and foremost, I need to mention their incredible email creation tool. It's all drag & drop and extremely fast to work with which makes it a lot of fun. Second, the design is very simple and focused on list building; in every mask they share a video on how it's done. Third, they've got a bunch of tools to help you grow your business.

Your Benefit: You'll be able to use their platform as a pro the first day you use it.


As to my own experience, AWeber always gets your messages to the recipients.

Your Benefit: You'll be able to help your subscribers and earn money.

AWeber Is Not For You...

  • If you consider their pricing too high for you.
  • If you 're searching for the latest feature rich layout rather than speed of use.
  • If you don't want to put in some effort to change services.

Pro's & Con's

  • Very easy to use even for total newbies
  • Accurate pricing.
  • Free and effective courses.
  • Support whenever you need it.
  • 30 day FREE trial.
  • You may need some time to get acquainted with all of their features.


AWeber is an easy to use and quickly to apply email autoresponder and marketing platform with a very high and reliable deliverability rate.

It is feature rich but yet totally simple in its design so that everybody can rapidly become a pro in using it.

Newbies are taken by the hand, guided through the whole process of setting it up and taught the email marketing knowledge in a personal way. Advanced will find fun in using it and save time, too.

I highly recommend using AWeber as email autoresponder of choice.

Enjoy your life,
Veit H. Kölln
Founder of DigitalPassionist.com
Veit has a great passion for being a digital entrepreneur. That's why he named his blog Digital Passionist. He’s conquered many so-called failures and made them stepping stones for his business and personality. Now he’s helping others to establish their own brand and escape 9-to-5.
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