Stepping Outside Of My Comfort Zone – Declaring My Goals For 2019

I know it's not the time of year to declare one's goals for the next year. At least, it isn't very common and it's also something I haven't done before.

But who cares nowadays? - Me!

Yep, I do care about this fact...

Because I Want To Do This

Actually, I'm reading a book now - it's called "eSCAPE" by Anik Singal. You may have come across it yourself; in case you haven't, you can get it now (it's FREE) and benefit for the rest of your life.

To come back to what I was about to tell you...

Whenever I read a book, I read it with the sole focus in mind to get the best out of it for my life and to apply those advices as soon as possible.

One point Anik is really pointing out clearly is...

The Power Of Responsibility

That's why I have instantly set a goal today to step out of my comfort zone and hold myself accountable to an audience; someething which I've never done before.

In fact, I couldn't ask of you to do things you've never done before and step out of your comfort zone to make life-changing experiences if I was too afraid of acting alike myself. That wouldn't be honest, that wouldn't be fair.

That's why I'm about to jump over my shadow (as we say in German) and reveal to you which goals I set and how they came to pass.

This Is The Frameset

There are some points I wanted to make sure I cover:

  1. I want to start with a small goal
  2. I want to scale up challegingly
  3. I want to be free of all debts
  4. I want to have escaped my 9-to-5 grind

Here's why...

Goal #1 - Start Small

The term "small" is related to the absolute view on it.

Even this so-called small goal can be a very big one for somebody who's starting out.

The first couple of months don't seem to be appealing at all. In fact, you could apply for a mini job somewhere at a shopping mall e.g. and make more money.

But as soon as the momentum comes in no other job could be as competetive as this online venture.

Starting small, working hard and smart, scaling big.

I want to help you see the power within your own online business. No matter how small you start; as long as you stick to it you can reach every goal ahead.

Goal #2 - Scale Up Challengingly

Talking about scaling up, I didn't want to raise a finger, I want to raise an arm with my hand stretched out far.

This blog is still new - and up to today, I've only invested in it and made no revenue so far. I'm not angry about it, I'll even invest more - until this blog will be profitable and helping at least 10.000 people escape their personal 9-to-5 grind. That's my mission I am absolutely passionate about.

It's actually a pleasure for me "working" on it. And I don't care if it takes more time as long as I can help you.

But I also want to lengthen my stride

That's why I'm planning on transforming my blog into a 6-figure asset within the first year of business.

Goal #3 - Be Free Of All Debts Within 12 Months

In Germany, there's a saying which goes like this:

Man spricht nicht über Geld; man hat es.

You don't talk about money; you've got it.


And if you appear to have no money or debts, than you better be quiet and beat it. How embarassing...

Well, this may be true for a lot of people. But I have decided for myself to step out of the darkness and free myself ffrom the oppression of society.

There are so many people all over the world who work their butts off and still have tremendous debts - many of them which are just trying to survive, like me and my family.

See, I've never believed this to be embarassing. In fact, cheating on people for your own benefit is disgusting instead. And those people don't ever feel embarassed, do they?

Goal #4 - Having Escaped My Own 9-To-5 Grind

As you know, the name and motto of my blog are... - The 9-To-5 Escape Plan

Because there's more to life than just 9-to-5.


Well, this ain't only a stupid catch for getting some traffic to my web site. This is my innermost feeling, this is my absolute desire and this is my promise to you. And it's also my mission - to show you that's possible, to take your hand and lead you to escape your 9-to-5, too.

This Is A Completely New Blog

I have never blogged before. But the more I do it, the more fun it's making o share ideas, experiences and expertise with you.

Without constanty thinking about what you want from life and how to achieve this, you'd be dead in the water drowning.

All there is has been created spiritually before with somebody deciding on what they wanted to create and going about it to create it.

There really is so much more to life than just 9-to-5 and you have the power to change. No doubt about it.

I Don't Want To Cheat On You

Just pretending I'm already a superstar online when I'm not is not my character. I still have to work corporate to make ends needs. But with this perspective in mind nobody's going to stop me from succeeding.

The point when somebody actually has finally escaped his or her 9-to-5 grind isn't fixed, it's an individual mark everybody has to set for themselves.

For me, it would be constantly generating reliable 5-figures a month.

A mark like this would enable me to change incomes seamlessly without having to worry about the bills, the taxes and the continuing growth of my business.

So Here I Am

All I can do about it now is to keep on working and improving in helping you to succeed.

I will share my "failures" and successes with you (just keep on following my blog posts or subscribe to my list), I will share other marketers' life and success stories (the CHATAIR Videocasat) with you and I will stand accountable for what I have written down (again, follow my blog pots).

To Be Honest With You

I do not know if I will succeed concerning reaching all of my four goals including the revenue goals. It would be presumptuous to me to claim this.

Do I know it's possible? - Yes, I do.

Will it be striving and challeging for me? - You bet it will.

And do I think it's advisible to officially set my goals to the test? - Let's see...

If I Can Only Inspire You To Take Your Heart At Hand...

It will all be worth it.

You don't have to declare your goals publicly.

But you should stay accountable to yourself and do all you can to make your goals and dreams come true.

I would feel priviledge if you let me walk beside you to help.

Enjoy your life,
Veit H. Kölln
Founder of

If you like this post and find it helpful, feel free to comment below and share this with others. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Veit has a great passion for being a digital entrepreneur. That's why he named his blog Digital Passionist. He’s conquered many so-called failures and made them stepping stones for his business and personality. Now he’s helping others to establish their own brand and escape 9-to-5.
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Hi Veit! I can’t wait to read and watch you journey through the world of blogging. I myself started a blog and do love the time I spend there, researching and creating. Everyone’s journey is different and I realize this. Some people are able to monetize their sites very quickly. Others’ sites take more time. I am the latter of the two and that is o.k. I do work full time because we all have bills to pay but I’m putting in my “sweat equity” which will pay off soon! Thanks for the motivation!


This is a very interesting article and your pursuit is admirable. It’s so difficult to disrupt our everyday patterns and break away from our Comfort zone. I assume that is the only way to break the 9 to 5 work life or 9 to 5 grind as you say. Thanks for sharing your goals. I assume to reach all three you will be working very hard, but if it’s a “passion” that should be your motivation to break your comfort zone. That is a very true statement you made, “we need to hold ourselves accountable!”


Great post. I find that taking small steps within all goals helps to achieve success. You can’t complete a goal without small achievements. Keep it up!


Hey Veit. I was also a a slave to the 9-5 rat race and decided NO MORE. I struggled for years trying to find a way out, and it wasn’t until I started creating goals was when things started to happen. I started with your number 1 tip which was to start small, then when I reached that I started another one. I am now working from home full time! Thanks a lot my friend.


Hi Veit. It’s great that you want to escape the rat race and awesome that you want to help so many others achieve freedom as well. Setting goals is a necessary beginning so that we have a clear path to follow. This will allow us to continue to move forward in the direction that we want to create the future we want, step by step. Life is a journey, and there is definitely more to life than a 9 to 5 existence!
I wish you all the best in your pursuit of freedom. Kind regards, Andrew


Thanks for this awesome post Veit! Agree with what you said. Comfort zone is what holds most people back. Keep up the good work 🙂

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