How To Secure Your Website And Avoid Abuse With The Plugin WP Content Guard

If you're running a WordPress website or you're planning on doing so, security should be one of your major concerns.

As I assume, you're familiar with the fact that all kinds of issues could possibly be caused by harmful code or simply by steeling content from your website. At least, it can be very annoying to find out that somebody has taken text, pictures or anything else directly from your web real estate.

A Very Helpful WordPress Plugin

To prevent this, you either need to hire expensive experts or buy a special software to help you.

With WP Content Guard you get a simple yet powerful little plugin to protect all of your content from being stolen.





Quick Access


When I built my first internet website it took me quite a while to figure out how it's done.  Because I did all self-educated.

The coolest thing I found out was that I could easily get the a website's code just by clicking the right mouse button. This helped me learn a lot about HTML and also about what people did to make their websites good.

But this very aspect also caused me to get a little frightened. Because if I as a total non-tech newbie could so rapidly grab a website's code, what could even those  people with bad intensions do to my website?

So I wanted to protect my content and code. And I wanted it to be easy and less expensive.

As a friend of mine send me a Facebook post I immediately grabbed a copy of WP Content Guard. Both product creators, Mark Hess & Michael Thomas, have built a name in the market with good WP plugins. They've specialised in the niche.

What Is WP Content Guard?

WP Content Guard is a little WordPress plugin that helps you protect both the content and code of your WordPress website.

It's very easy to apply and you can choose the criteria by which it opperates.

Once you save your settings, the protection is active. Whenever a visitor wants to either see your code by or copy/paste text or pictures clicking the right mouse button no popup menu will show.

With WP Content Guard you'll get a highly effective plugin that can be installed and set up by anybody in about minutes.

About The Creators

MARK HESS & MICHAEL THOMAS both are enthusiasts when it comes to optimize WordPress.

Both have established own brands. When they joined forces, Mark Hess & Michael Thomas specialised on creating powerful WP plugins.

Features & Benefits Of Easy Profit Lists

Ready-To-Go Technology

This plugin allos you to be all set in a click of a mouse. Once you've installed it and finished the fast setup process, it's all ready to go.

Your Benefit: You can protect all of your website's content and code in one or two minutes with just one click.

Advanced Hotlink Protection

People may want to directly link to your images and/or files from their own websites, on forums or in emails. This plugin prevents both direct illegal piracy of your content and hosting account closures due to excessive bandwidth usage.

Your Benefit: You can protect yourself from illegal piracy and keep your website working.

Automatic Right-Click Blocking

With just a right-click of their mouse, anybody can view your website's code or easily copy the direct links to your files and images. This plugin will disable this functionality.

Your Benefit: You can protect all of your intellectual property from being abused or stolen.

Automatic Copy/Paste Blocking

Unfortunately, people tend to use the "easy way" of accomplishing things. Even if this means to just copy/paste somebody else's website content like text or images. This is not only piracy, this can also jeopardize your search engine rankings and do you a second harm.

Your Benefit: You can protect all of your website's content from being stolen and secure your website's ranking.

Lifetime Updates & Support

This software will continuously be updated. If you shoould run into any issues, their support will help you asap.

Your Benefit: You'll always have a fresh plugin that's approved with the latest WP version to work smoothly.

Money Back Guarantee

You get a full 30 day money back guarantee.

Your Benefit: You're able to run this plugin totally risk free.

WP Content Guard Is Not For You...

  • If you are not running a WP website.
  • If you think your website's security isn't of any matter.
  • If you don't care about your own intellectual property.
  • If you have your WP website hosted by third parties which are in control of all settings and won't use it.

Pro's & Con's

  • Easy to install and apply by non-techies.
  • Support whenever you need it.
  • 30 day money back guarantee with no questions asked.
  • 2-figure price tag (at time of creating this blog post).
  • You need to take some action to install it and set it all up.


WP Content Guard is an easy to install and apply WordPress plugin that will instantly protect your WP website from being abused.

It is suitable for all internet marketers of all levels running a WordPress website.

Being measured in profit matters, WP Content Guard surely cannot deliver any profit by applying it. But it will protect you from losing. And not every marketer is running a WordPress website. That's why I rate it Nice-To-Have.

I highly recommend purchasing WP Content Guard if you're running a WordPress website or consider doing.

Enjoy your life,
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