How To Help Your Customers Whitelist Your Email Address

Every once in a while, every-day aspects of our business could become a real stumbling block. Maybe because you’re just not thinking about taking care of them because they seem so obvious that you aren't consciously thinking about them.

Here's A Common Example

You have a subscription form on your a blog or you're running a campaign with an opt-in or squeeze page. People start visiting your website, like your content and get enticed - so they want to opt-in on your email list to receive additional information.

As soon as they share their email address with you, your email autoresponder starts storing it in your data base and sending the first message out to them. Being totally new to your list, chances are the email service of your new subscribers doesn't know you are a trustworthy source and sorts out your message to their spam folder.

This Could Damage Your Business In Several Ways

That’s just not what you want to be happening, is it?! - Because if this happens to you, this is meaning more than just having your email "put aside".

You have to be aware of the following:

  • You are marekd as spammer by the email service on their blacklist - this will also cause other email services to do the same.
  • Your email autoresponder will be informed about the "spam".
  • You are considered to be not trustworthy.
  • Your reputation will decrease a lot.
  • Your open rates will approach the zero mark.
  • You won't get your message through.
  • You can't help your prospects and customers.
  • You won't sell your product or service - so you won't make any money.

Therefore, you need to make sure all of your subscribers will have your email address whitelisted so your emails will always land in their inboxes.

How To Effectively Get Whitelisted

Most of my subscribers use services like Gmail, Ymail or Hotmail. A majority of them also uses their mobile devices to conveniently watch through their incoming emails “on the go”. So I assume this probably isn’t any different from yours.

Here’s some advice on how you can easily fix this issue so it won’t be any of yours. Just share the following with your new subscribers and have them quickly do the simple steps:



Opening the email

1. Hover over the sender’s name
2. Select “Add to contacts” to save the sender to your Contacts list

Not opening the email

1. Hover over the sender’s name next to the subject line.
2. Select “Add to contacts” to save to your contacts list.

Using tabs

1. Drag the email from your Promotions tab to your Primary tab
2. When asked “Do this for future messages?”, select “Yes”



1. Open the email in your inbox
2. Click on the sender’s email address
3. Click “…”
4. Choose “Add to contacts”
5. Add additional information if needed
6. Click „Save“ to finish



Already in the junk folder

1. Check your junk folder
2. Open up the email by clicking on “Show content”
3. Click “Mark as safe” to add the sender’s email to your whitelist

Manually adding the sender

1. Click on “Options” in the upper right corner of your Hotmail screen
2. Then click on the link “Safe and blocked senders”
3. Now enter the email address you want to whitelist
4. Finish the process by clicking “Add”



1. Tap the sender’s from name
2. Choose “Create New Contact”
3. Tap “Done” to save



1. Tap the picture of the sender
2. Tap the add to contacts icon
3. Tap “Create new contact”
4. Choose the correct account if you are signed into multiple email addresses
5. Tap the check mark to save


Apple Mail

Open the email in your inbox
2. Click on the sender’s email address
3. Click “Add to Contacts”


MS Outlook

1. Open the email in your inbox.
2. Right click “Click here” to download images in the gray bar at the top of the message.
3. Click “Add Sender to Safe Senders List.”


The email autoresponder I’m using (AWeber) has done a great job in explaining how to have your email whitelisted with even more sophisticated animated graphics to make it really easy for anybody to do this quickly. You may also want to take a look at this.

Now I hope this little post is going to help you get your word through to your subscribers and increase the trust in you.
Keep in mind to always making sure not to spam your audience at any time.


Enjoy your life,
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