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Veit H. Kölln, the founder of, has ever been fascinated by the life and success stories of other successful entrepreneurs. That's why he developed a passion for sitting face to face with them and interviewing them about their why, their niche, their biggest pain point, their failures, their successes, their hobbies, what they are planning for the near future - and their core advice for you.

Get Inspired - Find Solutions - Start Applying

Align yourself with those entrepreneurs who are right at the start of their journey.

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Episode #5: Blog And Funnel Strategies With DENNIS KORAY

Dennis is an experienced blogger and networker. He was not always a successful entrepreneur though; in fact, he had to go through four years of struggle and failure before breaking even.

If there is one thing that changed the game for him, then it was creating his own blog.

With time, he has become a well-known expert in creating sales funnels and helping people with his expertise to take their business to the next level.

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Episode #4: Develop Your Own Success Strategy With ROBERT J. TEMPLE

Robert is a passionate hypnotist and well-known for his awesome performances on stage - not only in his home country Englang.

His brand sign, immediately to be recognised by everyone, is his red hair. Or have you ever seen him differrently?

One of his strongest skills is planning out a business strategically from the very beginning. Today, he's talking about exactly this.

Episode #3: How To Turn Everyday Experiences Into Business Assets With SAM BRINKLEY

Sam is a devoted family man, caring father and husband. He is always taking full responsibility of what he is doing. If there is a problem, Sam will not blame others for it but go ahead solving it.

One day he saw the need for his family to generate additional income, so he turned to the internet. Instead of rather doing what everybody else does, he did things a little bit differently. His main focus was creating a system that would help his family and his customers alike.

Today, Sam is a master in turning everyday experiences into business assets.

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Episode #2: The Biggest Misconception About Online Marketing Revealed With ALEX JEFFEYS

Alex is one of those marketers who were not ment to be as successful as he is. Being a dyslexic and not having a high scholar degree he worked as a construction worker with the typical monthly income of this job - just over broke. One day, he decided that his life should be more than just runnling the normal monthly race and losing it by the middle of the month. So he got interested in internet marketing and building his own online business.

Little did he plan on only accumulating debts up to a point where he would have spent all his own, his fiancée's and his mothers savings. No more resources, all credit cards used with more than $60k to his name. Somehow he managed to consult a mentor and take part in a sophisticated coaching programme. It was then when his business became successful.

The rest is history.

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Episode #1: 6-Step Ultimate Success Formula For Creating Abundant Wealth & Physical Strength With Ryan Phillips

Ryan is a martial arts sportsman and trainer. He has performed on many international sports events worldwide and knows what is required to be a winner. One day he decided to transform the techniques and methods he had learnt in high performance sports to become successful into an online business.

This project quickly developed into a sustainable and extremely successful company.

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