Episode #3: How To Turn Everyday Experiences Into Business Assets With SAM BRINKLEY

Sam is a devoted family man, caring father and husband. He is always taking full responsibility of what he is doing.If there is a problem, Sam will not blame others for it but go ahead solving it.
One day he saw the need for his family to generate additional income, so he turned to the internet. Instead of rather doing what everybody else does, he did things a little bit differently. His main focus was creating a system that would help his family and his customers alike.
Today, Sam is a master in turning everyday experiences into business assets.

3 Key Secrets

1 - Their System And Your System [14:43]
  • Fine line between learning somebody else’s system and coming up with your own
  • Take it and make it your own
  • See it as a holistic endeavour
2 - What Everybody Can Do [17:51]
  • Everybody can take something something from their lives and market it in some way
  • Analyse your personal life and your life experiences and identify ways to turn that into cash
  • Develop an understanding of business structures and systems
  • Take your experience and knowledge, mould it and apply it to your online business
  • Provide this helpful information to others
3 - Operant Conditioning [27:23]
  • Taking everthing in and making it your own
  • Concenring business you can go all over the place - having no structure, no shape, no direction
  • Mastering time
  • Focussing properly on what you are supposed to do
  • Do not allow your business to drag you along
  • Your business serves you, you do not serve your business

Core Advice [37:45]

  • Keep going
  • Keep learning
  • Nobody really arrives
  • Keep the bigger picture
  • Do not take internet marketing as an escapism

This video was part of the Profit Ignition Blueprint series. Now I am sharing it for FREE.

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