Episode #2: The Biggest Misconception About Online Marketing Revealed With ALEX JEFFEYS


Alex is one of those marketers who were not ment to be as successful as he is. Being a dyslexic and not having a high scholar degree he worked as a construction worker with the typical monthly income of this job - just over broke. One day, he decided that his life should be more than just runnling the normal monthly race and losing it by the middle of the month. So he got interested in internet marketing and building his own online business.

Little did he plan on only accumulating debts up to a point where he would have spent all his own, his fiancée's and his mothers savings. No more resources, all credit cards used with more than $60k to his name. Somehow he managed to consult a mentor and take part in a sophisticated coaching programme. It was then when his business became successful.

The rest is history.

3 Key Secrets

1 - Most People Don't Get Started [1:27]
  • Either because they don’t have a big enough reason why ... -or- ...
  • They do not have direction
2 - Most Valuable Asset In The Business [7:31]
  • You yourself
  • Your data base of names, email addresses and phone numbers
  • Your mistakes and failures, because you can learn such a lot from them
3 - The Business Process Explained [09:06]
  • Before thinking about traffic, you should think about having a hungry market place
  • Then creating an offer to facilitate that hunger
  • Then creating a sales message making people say “I need that”
  • Then automating the sales process
  • Then comes the traffic
    - Leverage affiliates
    - Facebook traffic

Core Advice [23:36]

  • It is not as difficult as you’d think
  • If you feel you’re struggling, you’re not the only one
  • If you feel you can’t, this is just your believe system
  • The tasks are not that difficult, but you need to know the checklist and you need to tick it off step by step
  • Focuse on your primary task at hand before any other
  • Ticking something off makes him stay scheduled to his goals very quickly

This interview session was packed with many core expertises from Alex Jeffreys. Summarising them all into three main sections was hardly possible. So we decided on showing these three above but intensvely urge you to listen to the whole recording. There is so much more to be learnt in this short amount of time.

This video was part of the Profit Ignition Blueprint series. Now I am sharing it for FREE.

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