Affiliate Marketing For Beginners – The 4 Must-Know Secrets

One of the obtions you have to make money and replace your current income when you decide to escape your own 9-to-5 is affiliate marketing.

Chances are you've not only heard about it but also already taken part in the game as a customer which was referred to an offer by clicking a link in a blogpost or somewhere else.

In my new series "The How To Blog Series" I will come back to it and explain it in greater detail.

Today, I want to let you in on the 4 must-know sescrets of affiliate markeitng you absolutely need to take care of if you want to establish long-term success with it.

Need & Offer

There are two major crucial criteria that have to fit: the offer & the need. Both of them go in front of each other and follow the other along.

What Do I Mean By This?

Money can only be earned when a customer buys a product or service. You can have the best product in the world, but without a demand for this at the customer side you won't make any money at all because you aren't selling.

Same thing with having a need in the market but no offer to satisfy that need. No sales, no money made.

Your task as an affiliate marketer is more important now than you might assume. Because you have to find out about your market's needs and wants and then make sure you choose the right products(s) and service(s) to promote to your audience.

As soon as you've a winning match, your business will get off the ground really quick.

Total Honesty

OK, let's assume you've found a winning match of need and offer. Then there's one question you should ask yourself before starting your prmotional efforts.

Is this offer integer?

I'd like to direct your view to the following two aspects.


  1. Can you recommend this product / service because of personal experience?
    There's a great difference between recommending something you've tried and tested yourself rather than just placing a referrel link to make your readers buy.Please take a moment to walk in the shoes of your readers and imagine clicking the link you place in fornt of yourself. Would you be willing to be cheated upon just to make referer earn a profit?

  2. Is the vendor trustworthy?
    The only time you should recommend a product or service you haven't tested yoursef is when you know the vendor is always delivering on the promises made. You owe it to your audience. And your recommendation is always coming back to you.

Take Full Responsibility

Whenever your preparation is finished and you decide to "go live" with your promotion, your efforts won't end there.

You have to take full responsibility for all of your efforts also including adjusting your promotion if things are not coming along the way you intended them to be.
E.g.: You want to get 500 new people on your list with 50 new customers out of them, so you decide to run a solo ad. Despite all best efforts, you only get 350 new subscribers and 14 new customers.

Don't blame anybody else for not reaching your goals.

Look in and out and try to discover where to improve. It's not your new subscribers fault, it's not your new customers fault either and it's - most of the times - not your solo ad vendors fault either.

Take issues, problems and challenges as great chances to evolve and get better.

History teaches us that great improvements, great personalities and great innovations have been created by big challenges.

Improve Daily

One of the best ways to become a great personality and entrepreneur is to improve daily - bit by bit, step by step and goal by goal.

I don't want you to jump from the 10m tower when you haven't accomplished bouncing from the poolside.

It wouldn't be wise either.

Set your goals and then make a plan to break them down to daily activities. Your progress will be endless and limitless.

What's Next?

Improving all by yourself someitmes is too big of a task. You may feel overwhelmed and just not capable of accomplishing your goals.

At least, with all what I had accomplished in life (university diploma, another diploma etc.) I found myself failing again and again in bilding the online business I wanted to have.

Maybe you're going through a quite similar period of your life and you feel it would be good to get inspired by like-.minded people who are truly helpful without any ulterior motives.

If so, I would urge you to check out the Wealthy Affiliate community​ and also get my Success Snacks for FREE (see ride side bar). It wasn't until I became part of this second-to-none community that I started to make crucial changes to my business that helped me turn it onto the success lane.

Enjoy your life,
Veit H. Kölln
Founder of

If you like this post and find it helpful, feel free to comment below and share this with others. I would appreciate your thoughts.

Veit has a great passion for being a digital entrepreneur. That's why he named his blog Digital Passionist. He’s conquered many so-called failures and made them stepping stones for his business and personality. Now he’s helping others to establish their own brand and escape 9-to-5.
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susan frates

This was encouraging to me. I have been stuck for ideas to write about and confused about how to comment on other peoples posts/pages. I’ll keep working on it and take into consideration all your 4 secrets.


I think finding a trustworthy vendor is vital however I don’t find reviews and legit feedback for vendors. Do you have any recommendation for me?

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