10 Ways To Improve Your Mindset When Running A Business

When I decided on the name of my blog, I wanted to combine two things that may appear to not correlate with each other in the first place:

The technical side (the how-to's...) and the mental side of starting and running an online business.

Most of the websites I found were either concerned with the technical aspects like "How to generate $250 per day...", "How to set up a WordPress website and maintain it..." or "How to claim a higher level of consciousness..." or "How to set yourself for success...".

For me, the first doesn't go without the second. You have to develop a holistic view of yourself and your business being the vehicle for your escaping the 9-to-5 grind.

I experienced that it is highly necessary to take care of both aspects. There's nothing wrong with dealing with your personal mindset. In fact, you actually need to be doing this if you really want to succeed.

Here are 10 ways to improve your mindset when running a business.

1 - Surround Yourself With Amazing People

Have you ever felt the comfort of a true friend when times got rough? Isn't it amazing how powerful an uplifting word or serious advice can be?

For most people it will probably stay a crazy vision to escape 9-to-5 by building your own online business based on your passion. So it would be best to surround yourself with people who believe in you and your crazy visions. Otherwise, they won't

support you in your endeavour and could be the reason for you give up.

Be aware that your journey takes time, effort and energy. To get to where you want to be, you have to be really excited and passionate about your endeavour - every single day.

Here's What A Famous American Entrepreneur And Motivational Trainer Once Said


We are the average of the five people we spend the most time with.


-Jim Rohn-

So I'd Like To Ask You Some Questions To Help You Improve Your Mindset And Personality
  • Are the conversations you are having with those people motivating and inspiring you or do you feel less power and a vanishing motivation to stay true to your plans?
  • Are you talking about what they and you are doing recently, do you exchange thoughts and advice?
  • Is your relationship really being uplifting to one another or does it need some improvement?
Here's My Challenge For You

Get out your phone and look up your connection list. Who are the last 5 people you talked to?
Take your calendar and check who are the last 5 people you met with?

And Then Ask Yourself these Simple Questions

Are they inspiring to you? Are they uplifting? Are they encouraging you to keep going?

If not, then change your surrounding.

2 - Do The One Thing

There are so many things on our daily bullet lists that we can easily get completely overwhelmed and distracted.

Here's A Question I would Like To Ask You

"What mindset work do you do - is there a routine you are following or anything you do on a regular basis?"

My Advice For You

Install a daily and a weekly routine.

Daily Basis

Sort out and just focus on the one crucial thing to do that's on top and the only thing on your priority list for the day. Take care of it first; everything else just doesn't matter unless you've done this.

Because you only have so much bandwidth that you can handle per day...

I recommend you read the book "The One Thing" by Gary Keller to find out more about this concept.

Weekly Basis

There is another concept by Dan Sullivan I like to introduce you to. It's the concept of the 3 modes as I call it for myself.


  1. Work Mode: Monday-Tuesday
    Sit down and work on your next idea, project or product the whole time. Turn off everything that could distract you (phone, email, TV, radio...). Stay totally focused and accomplish your goal.
  2. Maintenance Mode: Wednesday-Friday
    Now it's time to take care of the things you couldn't handle at the start of the week. Keep everything going.
  3. Weekend Mode: Saturday-Sunday
    Take the weekends off and chill out. Do whatever you like to refresh and need for recreation. This is crucial to your body and mind.

3 - Start To Meditate

There is an awful lot of power within us we cannot access when we are constantly overlooking the obvious in our self because we are occupied with the external all of the time.

So we need a way to calm from within and (re)activate our full power potential. That's why I suggest you start meditation and make it a vital part of your life and business.

What Meditation Is

Meditation is a practice where the individual uses a technique, such as
focusing their mind on a particular object, thought or activity, to
achieve a mentally clear and emotionally calm state. Like any other
skill, meditation does take time to learn, but oh so worth it.

What Meditation Is Not

It is not some kind of suspicious esoteric practice.

What It Is All For

Meditation may be used with the aim of reducing stress, anxiety, depression and pain, increasing peace, perception, self-concept and well-being.

What Type Of Meditation To Start With

I suggest the mindfulness meditation because as a business owner you strive to materialise things. So you need to be fully present with your thoughts. Being mindful is this sense means being aware of where we are and what we’re doing,

and not being overly reactive to what’s going on around us.


Source: Divinely Mindful Meditation

4 - Celebrate Your Wins - Big And Small

Do not only occupy yourself with achieving your goals - and when you've reached one of yours immediately start to reach the next.

You Need To Be Conditioning Yourself In A Positive And Rewarding Manner

You need to celebrate your wins - the big for sure, but also the small.
Don't forget about them because they are the stepping stones to achieving greatness.

Here are some simple examples:


  • When you get the phone call you wanted to have for so long - celebrate.
  • When you get the meeting with somebody you have tried for weeks to get on your calendar - celebrate.
  • When you get your first sale, even if it is but $7 - celebrate.


Be thankful, be grateful for where you are in your business right now and where you are heading to. Contribute to your unconsciousness by celebrating and build an atmosphere of success to yourself.

5 - Use The Turbocharger (20 min/d)

According to Carol Dweck, a world-renowned Stanford psychologist, our mindset is made up of a set of attitudes.

Therefore, hard and smart work, dedication and resilience will surpass brain or talent when it comes

to creating success and growth. Changing our mindset the right way means changing the course of our whole lives.

Here's what we can do in our every day lives to improve our mindset quickly and easily:

A - Just Breathe (5 min/d)

According to studies, just 5 minutes a day can release an enormous brain power and make it available for our most innovative ideas. This is the technique to use: Sit or stand in a quiet spot, feet on the floor, and hands by your side
or on your knees. Now just quiet your mind—picture a place that is your idea of peace, such as a beach or a mountain. Just breathe, consciously and deeply from your belly. If your thoughts start to intrude (the project is due today, a late bill, etc.), just notice, then go back to your picture.

B - Check Your Thoughts (5 min/d)

Do not let the outside determine your inside. E.g.: Bad weather outside, you start to think this is how your day is going to be. Your thoughts create feelings which lead to actions and behaviours that then determine our mindset for the future. So take your time to check your thoughts and start positively.

C - Write Your Grateful List (3 min/d)

You know the saying "One apple a day keeps the doctor away". My advice for you: "5 thoughts a day keep discouragement away." Make a greatful list and look it up at the end of the week. You're amazing, prove it to yourself.

D - Set Your Intention For The Day (5 min/d)

Be specific about how you want the day to end. Write it down, lesser and major things. Sense your feelings.

E - Turn Off The Noise (2 min/d)

What's the news today? - Bad, as always. So turn it off for yourself and make this day better than the last. Find your inspiring music, lecture or something that's making you feel energetic and positive. That doesn't mean you become a nerd, it's just preventing you from getting down.


Source: Success.com

6 - Decide To Be Optimistic

Is the glass halfway full or halfway empty?

Whatever Your Answer May Be - You Are Right

Too many of us are pessimistic because as human beings we tend to avoid disappointment. So expecting the wrong or bad keeps us from falling down emotionally.

Does this make sense to you? - Maybe...

But it surely does not contribute to your personality and mindset. And it does not make any gains, either.

I want you to keep in mind that you can change the 3 things that determine whether you are optimistic or pessimistic.

Pervasiveness, Permanence and Personality

Keep working on them constantly and you'llimprove one step at a time to eventually recognise you've come wayfurther than you might have thought you would.


Source: MindfulMover.com

7 - Kaizen

The Japanese shaped a beautiful mindset by sharing their concept of "Kaizen" with the world.

This is what it actually means:

Continuous Improvement

Through this concept you can create miracles in your life.

Because Out Of The Small Things The Great Are Created

Coming from the automotive industry, I remember there was a huge hype back in the late 20th century about this concept. Making little improvements every day finally lead to tremendous growth some time later on.

Don't feel inadequate and you have to progress all at once, instead focus on improving day in and day out. That's it.


Source: MindfulMover.com

8 - Personal Shape

I do not believe in destiny. I do not believe in a life being set from the day of birth.

I do believe in having the ability to change. I do believe in personal creation and development.

It is said that there are two basic kinds of mindsets people have when it comes to talent:

1) Fixed

Fixed is when you think you fail or win because of the quality and quantity of talents you have and that this is not to be transformed into something better.

2) Growth

Here your mindset helps you get better and transform to somebody more evolved because of hard and smart work. It all depends on your free will.

Taking a look at your life...

What Do You Believe Is Right?

Failure is part of the game of life; especially concerning escaping 9-to-5. In fact, failure is the crucial and necessary part of success for everybody. So celebrate the times when you still have something to improve on.


Source: MindfulMover.com

9 - Responsibility

Develop an attitude of respect and tolerance against your fellow beings and against yourself.

Don't blame anybody else for your own faults and losses.

Take Full Responsibility For Your Life And Your Business

This is going to help you find solutions in times of challenge and get out victoriously.

One of my mentors, Anik Singal, had built an amazing company generating more than $10M a year in his early twens after a short but hard time of struggle. He earned numerous recognitions and was mentioned in some major magazines.

Then, with the global crisis back in 2008/2009, he lost it all and found himself faced with $1,7M in debts. He became physically sick, too.

What Would You Have Done In His Situation?

Well, he also mourned for a while, I guess. But then he did something truly amazing that helped change the game for him again and get out of this oppressive debts.

Want To Know What It Is?

He wrote a book about this and how to transform from employee to entrepreneur.
You can get it here for FREE.

Start to see the positive in everybody and the circumstances. Feel free to implement the empowering methods and habits of others in your life.

Show respect.

10 - Do Not Compare Yourself To Others

I am on my own journey, you are on your own journey - amazing enough as it is.

You Are Who You Are For A Reason

And people come to you for that specific reason.

You can reach people in your niche I surely can't. And I need to remind you that you are here on my blog for the reason of me being myself - and the wish to escape 9-to-5 for sure ;).

There's One Thing You Should Avoid As Hell

If you want to improve your mindset and personality: comparison.


Comparison is the thief of joy.

-Theodore Roosevelt-


Be joyful, have comfort in knowing that everyone is doing things a little differently. So you do, too. There is nothing wrong with it.

This also means that whatever goal you have set for yourself to achieve next - maybe it's "just" making your first dime like $7 or so - it is as important and big as any of those I or my mentors might have​.

Don't let your mindset diminish by bad comparison.

Here's My Advice On What You Should Be Doing

Take one point out of these ten and apply it to your life.

Make it a constant characteristic of yours and your mindset and personality alike will have grown.

Then apply the next... ?

A Little Challenge For You

Now I want to know from you how you stay motivated in your business so far especially during those challenging times.

Comment below and share what you do!

If you liked this post, please share it and subscribe to my audience!

Enjoy your life,
Veit H. Kölln
Founder of DigitalPassionist.com

Veit has a great passion for being a digital entrepreneur. That's why he named his blog Digital Passionist. He’s conquered many so-called failures and made them stepping stones for his business and personality. Now he’s helping others to establish their own brand and escape 9-to-5.
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Marian Florinel Condruz
Marian Florinel Condruz

Great content, lot of information you shared here.
I will give it a try because all you said here sounds logic.
Done with responsibility – first of all – it should work!
Thanks for sharing, this is very inspiring

Nicole Stiles
Nicole Stiles

This is a great read! I like the bit about Kaizen the most. Thinking of our objectives and goals in life as continuous improvement is a great concept. We will never be perfect. There will always be something to improve.

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